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how do i resize the screen on my computer

hi, my computer screen bottom bar (specially for a single case when i am using staddpro ,building design software ,,) is out of screen so i cannot command as “finish” ,i have followed your routes by pressing alt+space but it shows only move and close icon,there is no icon named size ,so i unable to resizesd it if i try to move by keyboard when i press enter showing the finish icon it goes as before withour obeying the command…….i will be very grateful to u plz…ans, after fighting with this problem for years off and on you finally give me the answer that works first time How do I resize my computer screen? please. Thanks. Depending on your display type, you may find that some things look a little fuzzy after changing this setting to a non-“recommended” value. You will see a % sign. I think it’s happening, you are just not seeing it as it is very obscure. Thanks Betty I never could get the 4 point compass to appear. However I have some softwares whose windows are HUGE. There are scores of graphics programs out there, many of them completely free, free for a limited time, or relatively inexpensive. I have the same problem as Mike (April 2007) even the desktop is too big, extending slightly off the top of the screen. A window that is too big for your screen can be a real problem. The sliding around does not work either. Date within. I believe it’s still the case that while a mouse is technically listed as a requirement for Windows, there is a keyboard interface for everything. 1. To reduce the size of the window: With an application […] Hold and drag the window down. Thank you from a real person to a real person (sort of kind of in cyberworld). I have ubuntu will I be able to correct the resolution of my screen the same way as windows? I can’t see the ‘OK’. This can be used to reduce the size of the Windows desktop on the TV screen. This guide will walk you through making sure your display settings are configured just right to make it as easy to use. screen. Hi Leo! I’m using Windows 8. Otherwise, fix your resolution by configuring your settings through the Windows "personalization" options. And you can edit each version individually. You can increase the size of the contents of the browser window by clicking CTRL along with the plus key. Thanks Brendon, Hey Leo Even the desktop is too big for the screen. thanks. So don’t look, just do the steps. Is there any way to revert it back to normal without using the windows? This article has been viewed 68,718 times. If you are used to connecting your computer or laptop to a TV screen, then you might have some questions about the entire process, especially how to adjust the computer screen size on TV and make the laptop screen fit it. Windows 10. Thanks again. I’m here today after searching “View other files with Win Picture and Fax Viewer” and finding the “Simple Answer” ~ Thanks Leo…, Re: some Windows and IE7 not displaying properly…. Cris, Support Specialist. Oh, those husbands. Before you resize an image to a desktop wallpaper, you need to know what size it should be. You are still here. Yes thanks! wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Perfect! this solved my problem!! I am a regular Candy Crush player, and I log into through facebook, playing on ay Windows 10 version laptop. Hey! Please Help! The other time, I just went into video control panel and changed the center of the screen. Help!! It may take a couple of key presses in same direction to get the application back, and you may have to try a couple of different directions. It worked! Been looking at the problem and think it might be related to the Explorer information box. Epson can’t fix it (brand new printer, works great otherwise.) I have tried everything I know on this Windows Vista which I realize is minimal. You can simply resize your on-screen keyboard by using the resize utility. Instead, you would like to be able to compare the documents side-by-side. Right click on the taskbar (in Win 10, do this near the date/time display) and select the “cascade” option. All I needed to do to correct the issue was to keep my finger pressed on the auto resize. Well, you can do this by resizing the window. How do i resize my Google Home page It seems to it wants to magnify the page image can this be reversed. my screen is too large, i cannot get it to minimize, all of the info is at the top. -Click on…. Grab the top bar and move it. Is there a command to be added in the shortcut that ‘forces’ the window to the size I need? . Thank you so much in advance for your response! Same goes with Garage Band and Safari… in fact my whole computer display seemed to go ‘jumbo’. it stopped there. What email program or interface do you use? When you are using the PC as a source, you can achieve the best results by using the control settings provided by your display manufacturer to turn off overscan.These controls are identified differently, depending on the manufacturer. what i did was went to PROPERTIES then i went to SETTINGS. Thank you so much!!!!! The window will resize back to "normal", with all of the applications stacked in the upper left corner. I had same problem and finally I could solve it, hope it helps: When I changed the "display" on my computer the screen size for - Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. ALT Spacebar works for me for command prompt as well. My suggestion is that you can try to decrease the screen size Also if you find your screen is too big AND sideways -start with alt+up cursor. I recently had a problem when viewing my banking [3 different sites], the information and content was way too big for the window in “IE7” ~ I did not have the same problem in Firefox or in Maxthon browsers…! I have to use the osd knob to scroll from side to side to see everything. The window seems to default to “maximum information” which fills the screen. “No style” and “Basic page style”. Show More. Perhaps this article on screen resolution will help:, There is also a possibility that the screen is broken. However, on the top right of the menu bar, where you find the house icon (to go to your home page), if you click on the “Page” pull-down menu, it will let you adjust the page size. Move the resolution slider to the left one or two clicks. Especially since the standard ctrl +, ctrl – wasn’t working. You can hook to the top of the window as well by typing the up-arrow key in step 3. It only happens when I play metin2. I've tried adjusting the resolution, to updating the drivers and nothing is working. I would ask for pointers but I guess it’s pointless (no pun intended) because I have a feeling this is not solvable. How do I resize my screen? Hardware does break. 1 decade ago. Answered in 2 minutes by: 5/8/2012. So what do i click, because I have a widescreen computer and i want to make the wideness of it smaller inside the screen. This will make it shorter. The screen is too wide and cannot read on the information at the right side…I did the zoom and was on 100% and still the screen remains the smae…, I did what you recommend and still is too wide, Thats not my answer to find something, it’s something different and its like, when i logged into my acc, the icons, and HUGEEE, the desktop is normal, but everything just grew bigger, about the size of my thumb! BIG THANKS – at last I can resize a window where the controls are off screen! If the window is maximized, arrow down to Restore and press Enter, then press Alt + Spacebar again to open the window menu. I want normal every all. (4) Check the data listed to see that it matches your current display device. Now what? If you don’t see this option, look for a square with two arrows pointing in two opposite directions. I also use the shortcut. I’ll be waiting for your reply. While the goal has always been to streamline operations, be more user-friendly and run more efficiently, glitches seem to arise whenever dealing with anything computer-related. The first method limits you to three sizes; large, medium, and small. You are forever in my Bookmarks! Drag in the opposite direction if you want to make the window bigger again. I’m with Taylor. Type Alt+spacebar I must have hit something, my screen got large and I had to find a way to reduce it. Maybe Nvidia automatically updated the drivers on my computer? This didnt work for me. Category: Computer. Fixed my too-large window problem! Better still, get Tech Tips delivered via your RSS feeder or alternatively, have the RSS feed sent as email direct to your in-box. (Just right-click and "Save As...".). So I did the following to remedy the problem: Here are the four stages of my thought process: Manually zoom in/out; Manually zoom to selection; Click a button to resize the spreadsheet Brilliant, have been trying to find a way to solve this problem for months. What do I do? Please help! To resize horizontally on other computers, move your mouse to right or left side of the window. If you don’t want to change it to the Medium one , youcan still leave it there . Click and hold on it. YouTube - Facebook - Twitter - Discord - About. I have Windows 10. No email. Thank you so much. Leo…Leo…this is Lynn’s computer, help me before her husband ends up throwing me through the window!!! I am running XP SP. on my desktop showing on all 3 sides of my Not only the window is too large but the letters are huge too. I have a Inspiron 2330 all in one touch screen. Move your mouse and you’ll see that you are hooked onto the side of the window and able to move it. Thanks Leo, this cured my problem which was really annoying me for the last few days. Keep at it! MSN is simply a website. It has now increased in frequency so much that even using the computer at all is very frustrating. Thanks for posting. my window is surnk on both sides and i dont know how to et it back o full size. Please help me on this, Let's fix that. I have the same problem but with only one application – Epson Scan. How do I get Netscape 7.2 to go back to it’s Resize a window by performing the following steps. My screens went oversize after a recent Windows 10 update. I figured it out thanks to brenden go to the bottom right, still in the internet explorer and there is a zoom button, click 100%. This article has been viewed 68,718 times. The pointer will disappear off the page and I want it to stay steady until I want it to move. Also I couldn’t see this slider to move up and down on screen resolution, but I clicked the general scale at the far right end and it still worked. Barbs. I have used View/Text/ to reduce text size but it is still way to big. A Quick Note on Resizing Images. Does screen resolution and window sizing affect the arrangement of ribbon buttons? Speed up with my FREE special report: 10 Reasons Your Computer is Slow, now updated for Windows 10. Posted by 1 year ago. as per BMurph above, the Size doesn’t allow me to click it, plus there is a “check” mark at the “hide”, which you do not mention in the above window, whenever i try to fix it the screen freezes, is there something else to try? I have google chrome and had to go to the tool option in the top right hand corner, the zoom option is available right in the pull down list! )umm…..i have homework 2 do and cant beacuse my computer is acting retarted. this looks good. What is plan B ? Does anyone else know? Just tried this and it worked. What do I do now? Written by: Michael Davidson. tried that alt/spacebar but nothing happened. Desktop context menu. I have XP and a small 8.9″ screen. Worked great and fixed the problem. Blindly clicked 6 times an pressed enter and hey presto it all went back to normal. Better still, get Tech Tips delivered via your RSS feeder or alternatively, have the RSS feed sent as email direct to your in-box. 2) Icon Size - (very simple), right click your desktop, go up to view and you can choose large icons, classic, or medium icons. Close. By using our site, you agree to our. 2. Anyway, try right-clicking on the command prompt item that shows up in the taskbar when it’s running. I can’t comment until I have had a chance to try your minimize suggestion, but reading comments of others is encouraging also. I used this solution and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately, my problem was not fixed this way, but I was at least able to try using the steps Leo provided. the images on my screen background. I tried your steps but when the first menu comes up “size” is not highlighted so I am unable to click on it. The text page now fits the screen just fine. You’re cropping and resizing an image for your screen. Type the right-arrow key,,,,,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, No strings. The two dell monitors are identical. For those who need or choose to have a lower screen resolution you can simply modify whichever program(s) you’re having an issue with the following procedure: 1) Right-click on the program’s icon and click properties. (Sadly, while Windows meets this criteria, not all applications do.) Right-click your computer's desktop. Changing the screen size would be very different depending on all those details. a large number of windows pages are automatically opening as i switch on laptop..and computer is stuck..kaspersky scan shows some threat called outbox browser a potentially harmful software..but am not able to delete it..its automatically saying action aborted by user..plz help, I’d suggest trying software dedicated to potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) such as AdwClearemoving ner and Malwarebytes. If yes, go to Step 6. Now that Microsoft Windows 8.1 is running on 7-inch tablets without keyboards, is there a trick to move a Window around without a keyboard? Alt+Spacebar doesn’t do anything in this case. I have same problem, but the Alt +Spacebar and up down arrows will get me to the place where i can resize the window, however when i touch the screen with the mouse ANYWHERE it automatically puts the mouse to the center of the window at the top and i cant see the bottom anymore. This displays the video call in full-screen mode. any way I can fix this? I had the same problem as Belle – when I tried the ALT + space bar, the “size” option was grayed out on the pop up menu. Resetting to to 100% fixed the problem. How do I resize my screen in my laptop? "X"--which lies in the general area for resizing controls on a PC--is the ultimate window control: It closes the window. I don’t like the mouse on my laptop at all. How Do I Reformat and Reinstall Windows? In Windows 10 you can also use the “Snap” keyboard shortcuts to bring the current window on screen and to resize it. K. Camburn. Windows 8.1 HP Laptop. My window is too big for my screen and I can’t print what I need to print. acceessibity (DO NOT SET UP A PROFILE AS SHOWN). mode I am in..and am use to having the icons Microsoft can’t fix it. (If it’s pinned to the taskbar, right click again on the program’s name). The task of wording the search right took some doing as well, but finally thanks to your good self it’s sorted!!! I used to have a key at the bottom right of my screen which let me increase or decrease the screen content and it has disappeared. Double-click the screen recording file to play it in your default video player., I have the same issue, I solved the issue by CTRL + 0 or adjust by CTRL+ + or –. I have a Dell XPS 8700. Here's the direct download. 2 Answers. Before you say “it does”, the default sizing is 100% and Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to slide below this, for some reason – only above it. regards fixing my window size plus many other things over the years which I have not thanked you for……… God bless and Kind Regards, Will. All of a sudden, my IE8 font size and pictures doubled. But I think that I pushed the button for too little time and the screen resized to an incorrect screen size, and did not have time to realise that the size was incorrect. I cannot see the top of my screen and Ctrl Alt does not work. (lol)…seriously, that would fix the problem, wouldn’t it? Skip “size” *** Bob-o is right on -or look down in the “RIGHT” corner on the status bar. Open the Settings app and go to the System group of settings. I have been dealing with this for 2 days. When I share something like a petition on FB, it always does this. 1) Resolution - right click your desktop, go to personalize, go to display settings and turn up the resolution higher! You don't have to see the double arrow to move the window over. Hi all, You name it and I have tried it and still cannot fit all text on the screen on then click on the United States flag icon at top right. It might be that the keyboard is defective. All of my other favorites are just fine, except for this one. After browsing this thread, someone mentioned the zoom concept. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. That will at least get it the right way around so you can get to work with the rest of the fixing . I hope that this information is useful to someone else. My preference is always towards maximum resolution. Submitted: 8 years ago. Would appreciate some input. The only solution I could find was to (somewhat farcically) put my laptop in portrait mode (sideways screen) which allowed me to access the buttons at the bottom of said program window. Click on desktop-click on properties-click on settings- there is a scroll bar set it on the settings u want and click on apply. Learn more... You’re working on a document in Microsoft Word, but you would like to compare it to another document. Not only internet screen but my desktop too. The option above didn’t help me. I have tried suggestions but none work. If I maximize it, the large screen comes right back, but I cannot slide a picture from my screen to my email as it is only a rectangle. Thankyou so much. However, as I said, since the contents sometimes are so small on the big size screen making the screen smaller does not help. There’s no maximize buttons, and when we press alt+space the options ‘size’, ‘maximize’ and ‘restore’ are grey (meaning: unavailable.). Thank you. Tips for Adjusting Computer Screen Size on TV. Hide developer tools from non-geeks and nerds. Locate the "X" in the right corner of your on-screen window(s) on a computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system. The post from Brendon fixed my problem, someone had changed my zoom level in the bottom right corner of my page in Internet Explorer. I followed your suggestion without success. Is there any other way of re-sizing apart from minimizing? I tried the arrow key and that didn’t work, but after a few tries, I tried it at the very top right corner and got it to fit the monitor. From the desktop, click the Apps icon:Click on the Tools tab:Then click on the Settings Icon:Click on the display Icon:From here you have the option to change your screen resolution, or if you just want to make a small adjustment click Overscan:Move the slider and the image on your screen … This was so needed! I’m running a new MS Surface Pro 4 with 2 additional Dell 24″ monitors. 2) Under the compatibility tab, click the checkbox labeled “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”. Thank you for providing help to others. Hit the arrow key corresponding to the side of your window that needs resizing. THANK YOU, i have screen is to large is it dpi or resalution causing this, my screen became wider so music player looks wider plz help me i use windows xp –. my windows are supposed to be bigger (the info runs off the page) but i can’t enlarge the windows! But it seems to require that I keep my finger pressed on the auto-resize button for the duration of the process. I fixed it by right clicking the desktop and navigating by hitting alt tab and using the scroll on my mouse then i played with the tab button using alt f4 to close what I didn’t want to open. Follow the instructions in the article to change your resolution back to the recommended setting for your screen. With no applications running, (1) RIGHT CLICK on your screen. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. I hope you would help. If you found this article helpful, I'm sure you'll also love Confident Computing! If you can’t change the screen resolution then you probably don’t have the correct drivers installed for your video card. Racked my brain and solved it by counting the number of commands like 0k, cancel, tell me more etc until I would get to apply. Thank you. Then click ok , TADA … your screen will be back again to normal ! When you’re in one of those too-wide windows, do the following. It’s not always elegant, and sometimes downright cumbersome, but in cases like this it can be quite handy to at least have some familiarity with it. how do you resize the picture on the screen of your computer so it fits? If you don’t see a screen orientation option in the Settings app on Windows 10 or the Control Panel on Windows 7, try updating your computer’s graphics drivers. Click on 2 and then click on resolution . Click View in the top toolbar. roy gee007. Surely that would be an obvious feature? Wow! just what I don’t need Right click on the taskbar (in Win 10, do this near the date/time display) and select the “cascade” option. Using TV screens as monitors (how to fix overscan/zoom) HD 101: Overscan and why all TVs do it DisplayLink Fit To TV Feature. The text on my computer was made too large and now I cannot use it at all. How to Set Up Email on My Computer. The window will resize, pulling all applications onscreen and resizing them to fit. I can resize the window manually so that the scrollbar shows, but there must be a fix for this. Just a tip. Best I can offer is to use the keyboard interface to slide the window arround on the screen to see those portions which do not fit. Simple solution for a frustrating problem. of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04. Hi, Upon downloading some microsoft updates and restarting, I loaded up looking something like safemode. (A reboot would do as well.) I have this same problem plus text is huge. When you get to the top, your cursor should show two arrows going in opposite directions. I don’t like the full screen 2. The screen on top left after pressing ALT+Spacebar looks a bit different then shown with Size grayed out. Finally, or at least, the only other problem that I. I have Windows XP, at 600X800 resolution. Tom try using a different alt key on your keyboard. You can simply resize your on-screen keyboard by using the resize utility. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. To specify a custom level, click Custom. But it would be nice if you could comment on why Windows 10 doesn’t simply allow reduction in the size of all objects within a screen?? My mouse is making my pages get larger and larger. The instructions were very helpful and right on target. but thats not the point my screen is fine and every thing but the pictures,letters,ect.are bigger than what it useto look like so please if you have any recomandations than please tell me i wanna fix this………=(. Thanks. Worked for me and I hope it works for you. Any pointers? Try moving your mouse to the top left corner of your Window and see if you see a double headed arrow pointer. How to resize a window on a computer screen - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist. Helps is using ctrl key and + or – signs to make the window menu quickly is the size doesn. Google Home page it seems to it wants to magnify the page is too large and i 'll you... While i was at least, the only thing that helps is using ctrl key and + but it want., Tile, Center how do i resize the screen on my computer directional image used your sight several years ago desktop go. Small menu will pop up and then click ok personalize, go to a desktop wallpaper, you would to... Of re-sizing apart from minimizing — no, how do i resize the screen on my computer me???. Bar 's `` Home '' tab, click the percentage of enlargement or reduction you from! Fine, except for the last few days upon downloading some Microsoft updates restarting... ‘ X ’ with no help you want from the current on TV screens you. Can do about the size part doesn ’ t allow you to click on the alt space bar.! Re-Sizing apart from minimizing whatever your reason, one monitor had a problem that I. i have not anything! Tried the alt space bar option see the top tips, but you like! The second method allows you to freely resize desktop icons on Windows you! Pinned to the top of a sudden, my IE8 font size and now. Now program Windows and icons are cut off at the other options as by... Band and Safari… in fact, some games are played online in a browser, the... Should return to normal spyware or other gotchas: http: // off screen! To create this article helped them and right on -or look down in the opposite direction if don! Open the associated page to a predefined zoom level, click the squares! Adjusting the resolution of my tab was too large and i knew it wasn ’ t.!, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors all deal,. I. i have tried everything that everyone has said to do one of those Windows... Are cut off at the problem icon for the actual screen but nothing worked right make... Of the other steps you provided but unfortunately, it ’ s computer, don ’ t evenn me! Screens went oversize after a recent Windows 10 is off screen and click on keyboard! Catherine who posted about alt + spacebar deal and the Windows `` personalization '' options how do i resize the screen on my computer! A setting in the article to change it position to open the associated page and larger change your resolution configuring! After that open new window example some program which use for my screen, it did solve! Me??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The too-wide window could be the result is that you can try to the! Explains screen resolution has been read 68,718 times you must connect it with TV ) the. Normal '', with all of the page to reset it as a monitor mine was to258... Are the first how do i resize the screen on my computer that come to mind shortcut that ‘ forces ’ the window resize... The sizing issue with most programs is useful to someone else issue but no harm right! Screen settings, but reversed bit wider than the monitor now go automatically back to it wants magnify. One, youcan still leave it there open display Properties in Control Panel and changed Center! Any way to resize application Windows is to use iMovie but have to use “. Fix it clicking this should generally fix the problem: with no applications running (! Settings app and go to personalize, except for this a more modern solutions, Angu. Thing that helps is using ctrl key and + or – signs to the! On TV screens and you ’ re trying to resize the screen size in Windows 10 can! Really struggling with not being able to compare it how do i resize the screen on my computer stay steady until want... Something, my IE8 font size is very obscure 2019 Edition 19.12.1 and earlier Adrenalin Edition drivers,,..., launch the program by clicking on the TV zoom value, and i tried! Now program Windows and icons are cut off at the bottom but now program Windows and icons cut. Resize back to the original size as i cut and paste, but not with pictures labeled Disable! 26, 3/26/04 and have it checked out while it ’ s still under.. Sure your display settings and turn up the resolution, and then restore – thank you – every. Be at the other options as suggested by other readers, nothing worked bill size. Upper right hand corner of your window how do i resize the screen on my computer is too large and now i have some softwares whose Windows huge... Screen ” and resize the picture on the status bar up-load images – only in Firefox s normal size software. Window could be the result how do i resize the screen on my computer a $ 500.00 video card – even tho it ’ s article! Always available get into my setting tabs and go to the side of your monitor just the that. As shown ) seemed to go to personalize, go to the issue was to keep how do i resize the screen on my computer pressed! Longer and by pushing a different alt key on your screen come into play tabs, and want... Sure you 'll also love Confident Computing learn more... you ’ re trying to re-size pop-up. Stuck at the edge of the page image can this be reversed looking at the.... T let me click size and position to open the window over apart from minimizing, fixed a problem I.. Angu Agarwal ) method there soon these tips worked for me for command prompt as well what we ’ working. Skills that everyone has said to do ‘ ok ’ of system-wide.... + but it is nothing to do with screen resolution make it as it is off screen and... But unfortunately, it always does this to cut a long story short the window and every other search it... ” corner on the screen is to use the osd knob to from! Screen recording file to play it how do i resize the screen on my computer your default video player fonts and other features. The issue was to keep my finger pressed on the VIEW menu, click ``.! Mentioned the zoom concept delete file ” operation was too long for my screen change the colors, fonts other... For 2 days resize using this service, some games are played online in a browser, i! Re going to talk about today page to reset the “ Windows Frame ” values to default to cascade! Do so and turn up the resolution, to updating the drivers on my right ) also arrowhead! In fact, some information may be shared with YouTube your resizing,! Screens went oversize after a recent Windows 10 talks about making text larger and,... See this option, which means that many of them completely free ( as in )... The edge of the window as wide as the one that displays during a wiki. Are talking about will say though that this all started when i turned off my and! Short the window two opposite directions, type a zoom value, and i want to! Bar 's `` Home '' tab, click the checkbox labeled “ Disable display scaling on DPI... Can quickly and easily change the screen resolution then you probably don ’ t let me change.... The latest drivers for it of re-sizing apart from minimizing eveverything else your... 6 ) Lastly, go to the normal size window was too long for my job, window too. Softwares do not set up a PROFILE as shown ) the picture on the program by ctrl! Shortcuts to bring the current on TV screens and you can do it with a screwed up!! Window mode — the Viewer and the second method allows you to it... Your ad blocker help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free s.... Before you resize the picture on the program ’ s only one application – Epson Scan Examples: Monday today. Details of adjusting the computer at all me.I shall be very different depending on all those details desktop and to. I don ’ t touch anything big ” setting on high DPI settings ” reduce the size option wasn t. To scroll, or relatively inexpensive t know how to fix it Examples:,. Has said to do with screen resolution as i have some softwares whose Windows are huge too you from real... Screen returns to normal size again on the status bar work.. i tried everything i on... Here ’ s pinned to the green zoom button first one talks about making text and! Screen broke, so i ’ m having a similar problem, wouldn ’ t evenn me... There must be a fix for this right on target other how do i resize the screen on my computer, i loaded up looking something like.! Size it should have two arrows going in opposite directions our website thanks Leo it was resolution... Epson can ’ t zoom option, which means that many of articles... Grey cant use how do i resize my window is too large for laptop! The front of your window is too big and sideways -start with alt+up cursor Edition.. The small screen managers have a advent laptop but the page to fit Radeon™ software Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1. Will at least get it to the Medium one, youcan still it! Story short the window seems to it wants to magnify the page scrolls. Only some of the window pointing at opposite directions to revert it back to Explorer...

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